Senior Station is an educational video series that combines storytelling and learning with light exercise and fun.


Each Senior Station video takes viewers on a journey to a different cultural attraction.  Viewers “move-along” with host John as they virtually explore thrilling locations and historical topics.


Art History, Culture, and Creative Movement are combined to create an experience that brings inspiration and good health to the students preK - adult, including the senior community.  


Senior Station is now being used in classrooms, nursing homes and senior centers.  The program is also enjoyed in homes of private consumers.  


Senior Station was created in response to the very difficult times we began facing in March of 2020. For many, the pandemic has prompted isolation and indefinite restrictions on travel and social activities.  Senior Station provides a meaningful experience for viewers of all ages as they learn and find joy while in motion.


Soon after its launch, The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America endorsed Senior Station because of the program’s therapeutic benefits.  AFA commissioned a special episode of the program in August and have ordered seven more episodes for the remainder of 2020.


Senior Station is conceived, produced, hosted, directed and edited by John Byrne.