Mission Statement:

Senior Station is a workout program for seniors that combines movement with storytelling and fun.

The program is currently online in the form of a youtube channel.  The program will be brought to nursing homes, seniors centers and other community facilities in-person, once it is safe to do so!

I created this program as a response to the very difficult times we began facing in March of 2020.  Living in New York, it has been very isolating and challenging to be in quarantine and not be able to enjoy many of the simple pleasures of life, including the freedom of travel and meeting with friends.  I realized that this time might be even more difficult for those who are more vulnerable, at risk, or home-bound.


For years I have enjoyed working with students from age 3 to 103, using movement as a way to integrate the arts with learning and expression.  Two of my greatest influences are Richard Simmons and Rick Steves.  Both are men who used their curiosity and passion for sharing to bring joy and health to many. 

I am looking for opportunities to bring this special program to senior centers, nursing homes, and individuals who might benefit from a caring and safe movement-based program.  In addition to my weekly service working with young students in New York City Schools and my professional endeavors as a choreographer, my goal is to begin focusing on work with seniors, people living with disabilities, and others who may be underserved with arts programming!