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Senior Station is an educational video series that combines storytelling and learning with light exercise and fun.


Each video takes viewers on a journey to a different cultural attraction.  Viewers “move-along” with host John as they virtually explore thrilling locations and historical topics.


Art History, Culture, and Creative Movement are combined to create an experience that brings inspiration and good health to the students preK - adult, including the senior community.  


Senior Station is conceived, produced, hosted, directed and edited by John Byrne.  

"Senior Station has become a staple in The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America’s Virtual Community Class programming.


John has continued to bring valuable and insightful programming that gives our community the opportunity to move, laugh, and learn about the world. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic,


Senior Station has given the AFA community the opportunity to stay engaged and connected through a time of isolation. This incredible program is a wonderful way for older adults to stay active both cognitively and physically!"

Jackie Gatto, MS, R-DMT

Manager of Therapeutic Programming

The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America

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